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7 al 10 marzo 2024

A sanctuary of light.

The space at UVNT is a place to be thrilled and seduced by a subtle illumination coming from infinity circles. The Superloop luminaire suspended at different heights will be able to catch the visitor and envelop him in an infinite play of light. The contrast of architectural light is achieved by including High Profile colored luminaires with a nod to sustainability and adds color to a space dominated by black. High Profile illustrates the process of putting things that are not normally seen in the spotlight. It is a tribute to craftsmanship, as each luminaire is handmade by reconverting magnetic profiles that would have been waste, into the main protagonists of the product.


About Delta Light 

Since its inception in 1989, Delta Light has been a market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting without ever compromising on quality and innovation. Thanks to innovative lighting concepts, Delta Light creates a subtle blend of architecture, technology and design, proving to be the perfect choice for projects in the highest end segments. Our focus is on luxury residential, but we also work with other applications such as retail, offices, galleries, museums and public buildings.