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March 7th till 10th 2024

Mahou has supported Urvanity since its inception in 2017, and will do so again in this eighth edition. This year we will continue to work together to carry out artistic and cultural activations as part of our mission to engage people with art and their environment. Mahou's commitment to art and culture has been demonstrated by supporting UVNT Art Fair and creating the UVNT Mahou Talks, a space for conversation where contemporary art becomes the protagonist through talks by artists, gallery owners, art historians, curators and experts in the art market. Thus, Mahou shows once again its commitment to generate encounters between people, essential to live better.

In each edition, the space led by Mahou is designed by prominent artists or architects who propose the same as if it were a work or artistic intervention. In previous editions they have transformed the space Palma Mx + NULA.STUDIO (2023), Pareid Architecture (2022), TAKK (2021) or Penique Productions (2019) among others.

In this edition, the architects of Studio Animal will be in charge of designing the Mahou space.


About the installation "Asomar la Cabeza".

This year Studio Animal has created a complete scenography that will materialize in a conceptual and direct intervention. Raising the ceiling as a lid that opens a box of surprises. The space is transformed into a large rectangular inclined plane visible from any point of the fair, which works as a claim: we are here! In addition, the surface of this plane is reflective; thanks to this and its inclination, what is happening in the stand is projected to the rest of the fair through the reflection.

This single element also acts as a separator between the two areas of the stand: one half for conferences, more enclosed and closed, and the other half for drinking and sharing, more open and projected towards the fair.


About Studio Animal 

Studio Animal is a design studio based in Madrid and Barcelona specialized in interior design and ephemeral architecture projects. It is directed by Javier Jiménez Iniesta. It deals with the development of proposals related to ultra-contemporary thinking and its relationship with the environment in which we live. The redefinition of spaces and inhabited environments is the backbone of their work.

Studio Animal's work has been selected in the last three editions of the biannual Arquia Próxima awards and in the XV Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. Their work has appeared in various specialized publications such as Domus, OnDiseño, Detail, Frame, Abitare, Proyecto Contract, Arquitectura Viva, Diseño Interior or Pasaje de Arquitectura y Crítica.