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NADINE FOUNDATION Production Award and Acquisition Award

FEBRUARY 24th 2022

The Nadine Foundation works to generate spaces for the creation and recognition of emerging artists by supporting their creative processes and expanding their exhibition, production and distribution capacity to the maximum.

During the month of February 2022, between the 24th and 27th, UVNT presents its sixth edition of the UVNT ART Fair at the COAM. All artists exhibiting at the fair through their galleries will be eligible for the prize.


Production Award

The production prize includes a 3-month residency in the city of Madrid during 2022, in a space of the artist's choice, support for the production of the final work, and an exclusive exhibition space for the work at the UVNT Art Fair 2023. In addition to promoting the dissemination through audiovisual and graphic content, and fostering the artistic community of the foundation by having access to training and activities of the entity. Finally, the winner will be endowed with an amount of €10,000.

The work must deal with any subject that aims to reflect on and discuss a social or environmental problem.


Acquisition Prize

The Nadine Foundation will select one of the works exhibited at the fair, awarding an acquisition prize among the participating artists, which will become part of the collection of its founder.


Winner of the 2022 Production and Residency Award.

Ela Fidalgo, represented by La Bibi Gallery at UVNT 2022.


Winners of the Acquisition Award 2022.

"Lift up your world #2" by Daniel Fleur, represented by Wadström Tönnheim Gallery at UVNT 2022.

"Pinchazo obligatorio" by Iván Floro represented by SC Gallery at UVNT 2022.


Winner of the 2021 Award

Mario Mankey, represented at Urvanity 2021 by Swinton Gallery, has won the Nadine Foundation Residency Award.