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Premios Colecciones UVNT 2023

23 de FEBRERO 2023

With the aim of supporting contemporary creation and providing greater visibility to artists; prestigious collections, institutions and private foundations participate in the fair to award acquisition and residency prizes.

This year again we have the Colección SOLO, Colección MER, KELLS ART COLLECTION y Casa de Indias, with an acquisition award in which they will select an artist from the fair, whose work will become part of their art collections. As a new addition, the Fundació Carmen & Lluís Bassat and MIA Art Collection will be participating with an acquisition award.

Montresso* Art Foundation will award a residency prize to an artist participating in UVNT Art Fair and Piramidón Centre d'Art Contemporani will award another residency and acquisition prize.


MER Collection Acquisition Award
"The Stripper" by Shinkichi Hiroshima with Moosey Art.

Casa de Indias Acquisition Award
"Light man" by Cesc Abad with The Curators Room, Studio Lenca of Gallery RED and Alfonso del Moral of Arniches 26.

KELLS Art Collection Acquisition Awards
"Pergola de químicos oxigenada" Juana González with Galería Trinta and "Sin titulo" by Carlos Pesudo of Galería Herrero de Tejada.

Piramidón Centre Residency and Acquisition Award
"Toda la puta vida igual" Fran Baena with Galería Yusto/Giner.

Montresso Foundation Residency Award
"De un hilo" by Susanna Inglada with Gabinete de Dibujos.

Solo Collection Acquisition Award
"Life forms inhabiting the language game" by Hugo Alonso with Galería Llamazares.

Bassat Foundation Acquisition Award
"Future" by Quintin Rivera Toro with Zawahra Alejandro.

MIA Art Collection Acquisition Award
"Num #3 - (1:11 - Inner Personalities)" by Ana Sting with plataforma².