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February 2018

  • Friday 23
  • Saturday 24
  • Sunday 25

    10.00h Breakfast-Roundtable: Women in the cultural industry beyond feminist clichés

    We will deal with three professionals who develop their work in the circuit of art and culture, the stereotypes that, lately, prioritize gender and leave the talent and quality of initiatives in the background. And we will do it with Belén Palanco (journalist specializing in art), Consuelo Durán (Director of Durán Arte y Auctions, and Durán Online Gallery) and Anna Taratiel (artist), who will present their experience and share their opinions on the ways of visibility assigned to women. Moderated by Alberto Aguilar (Urvanity Art).

    LA SEDE COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63

    16.45h Tuenti Urban Art Project

    Presentation of the initiative promoted by Tuenti in the territory of urban art, which has made it possible to link the professional circuit with the university environment. Participants: Gema Perona (Tuenti Marketing Manager), Sergio Sancho (Director of Urvanity) and the five winners of the Tuenti-Urvanity New Contemporary Art contest: Andrea Romera (Complutense University of Madrid), Adrián Robaina (University of Granada), Antonio Sobrino (University of Seville), Rodrigo Romero (Complutense University of Madrid) and Diego Balazs (University of Granada).

    17.30h The urban landscape of Madrid

    Sergio Sancho (Director of Urvanity), Marisol Mena (General Director of Intervention in the Urban Landscape and Cultural Heritage), Arcadi Poch (CEO and Founder of YTIC Labs).

    18.30h The relevance of art in the 21st century

    Masaaki Hasegawai (Calligrafitti artist, founder of Creativida and ambassador of the Contemporary Calligraphy Museum).

    19.30h The impact of urban creativity in cities

    Ninoska Juan (Project and Planning Manager of the Contorno Urbano Foundation) and Esteban Marín (President of the Contorno Urbano Foundation).

    20.30h Montana Colors presents Shadowman

    Screening of the documentary by Oren Jacoby, focused on the figure and work of the artist Richard Hambleton, one of the pioneers of urban interventions in the eighties and who was a colleague of Keith Haring or Jean-Michel Basquiat in the mythical and experimental Club 57 located in the East Village of Manhattan.

  • LA SEDE COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63

    11.45h Education, Skate and Art

    Jean Claude Geraud (CEO of City of Talents and Founder of Learn & Skate, skateboarding association).

    12.45h The importance of context in the urban scene of Valencia and Bilbao

    Juan Bautista Peiró (Professor of Painting and Environment at the Faculty of Fine Arts Sant Carles of the Polytechnic University of Valencia), Sergio García Bayón (Director of SC Gallery and independent curator of contemporary art), Alberto Aguilar (Urvanity Art).

    17.00h Creative universes: Eltono

    18.30h The Art Conference x Urvanity

    Talks and discussion panel about the trajectory that different women have consolidated within the creative industry. With Yasha Young (Creative Director of Urban Nation Museum), Tina Ziegler (Director of Moniker Art Fair and The Art Conference), Anna Dimitrova (Director Montana Gallery). Conducted by Doug Gillen (Director of Fifthwall TV and Official Host of The Art Conference).

  • LA SEDE COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63

    11.45h Creative universes: Creando Aliados

    Proyecto conjunto de 2alas (Andrew Antonaccio) + Isauro Hernández (Galería Balneario / Querétaro).

    12.45h Barcelona, Rise and Fall

    Screening and debate with Aleix Gordo (Director of the documentary and artist) and Arcadi Poch (Executive Producer and Researcher in Urban Creativity).