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Patrocinado por Tuenti Urban Art

Urvanity y Tuenti se vuelven a sumar para promover un programa de intervenciones murales con artistas nacionales e internacionales que realizarán sus obras en el centro de  Madrid. Estos son los artistas que crearán las intervenciones en la ciudad contemporáneamente a la feria:



Marat Morik

Marat Morik is a Russian artist born in 1982 in Novosibirsk. From his early years he developed an interest in drawing and was trained in the basics of painting. He later graduated from Novosibirsk State University with a degree in philology and economics, but devoted himself to art. In 1998, with the popularisation of the Internet, Marat came into contact with hip-hop culture and ventured into graffiti, which helped him develop spray-paint skills and a love of experimenting with letters. In addition, thanks to his graffiti experience, Marat began to produce large-scale works.

Today, Marat is particularly interested in textures, mixing techniques and materials on different surfaces. In Morik's works, abstract forms are combined with realism, expressionism and typographic elements. Marat actively collaborates with urban art galleries all over the world and creates large murals.


PRO176 was born in 1976 in Paris, and grew up in Choisy-le-Roi, a small town in the southern suburbs of Paris. He advocates a new form of graffiti, an aesthetic always imbued by Marvel, futuristic abstract mathematics, literary constructivism and brutally refined Picassian cubism. A kind of pure graffiti avant-garde, which ignores any other, supposedly useless, vision of graffiti.

It develops a style inspired by Kirby's world, whose eternal philosophical quest of good versus evil is played out in a context of infinite stars and galaxies populated by superheroes or supervillains.


Artez was born in 1988 in Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia. At a very young age he was confronted with the conflictive political situation and the graffiti culture that began to appear on the streets of Belgrade during the 1990s. This new form of expression inspired Artez to start painting in public space when he was 15 years old. The temporary nature of graffiti gave him the freedom to experiment with different painting styles and tools, and the constantly changing "workspace" awakened his passion for creating in public space. Artez soon mastered the use of spray paint as a painting tool which he used to create different styles and characters, 3D lettering and photorealism.

Over the years, his practice has evolved from small spray interventions to large-scale mural paintings made with acrylic paint, brushes and rollers. The style he has created over the years can be described as a mixture of realism and illustration.


Hilda Palafox, also known as PONI, is a Mexican artist born in 1982. Her work revolves around the search for tranquillity, for the stoic, meeting the delicacy of femininity. Her figures take us back to the voluptuous fertility of our origin, the eternal feminine. The encounters in Hilda Palafox's work are presented as a game of equanimity between figures and colour. Suspended in time, in a void, a space given by the universe for her muses to float and endure.

She has had the privilege of capturing her work in illustrations, canvases, murals and ceramics, always maintaining a graceful approach. An artist who grows within her own concepts, exploring the limits of her characters and their composition in a perpetual state of romanticism.