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RockNRolla (Smack ft. Sergio Mora)

RockNRolla (Smack ft. Sergio Mora)


Sergio Mora



Acrylic paint on resin with a glossy finish.

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RocknRolla is the brainchild of Dutch creative trio, SMACK, a seductive serpent with bright red lips, gleaming white teeth and a protruding tongue, which first appeared in their digital triptych, SPECULUM, a contemporary version of Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights.
Translated into sculptural form with Limited by SOLO, RocknRolla gets a complete makeover in this unique, cast resin figure, hand-painted by the Spanish artist Sergio Mora.
Working from the idea of paradise and original sin, Mora transforms the piece with serpents, planets, robot-like characters and naked figures of Adam and Eve. Pure Sergio Mora and undiluted SMACK: a creative collaboration exclusive to Limited by SOLO

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