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Public Art Program UVNT x Las Rozas Village

FEBRUARY 13th to 26th 2023

UVNT Art Fair X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE join together in this edition through art, opening together a free way for artistic expression with the Public Art Program. A way to break the walls of the fair drawing a new creative axis that goes from the center of the capital to the Village.


Madrid's Gran Vía will host in different locations the sculptures of artists Yann Leto (Gran Vía with Alcalá), Albert Pinya (Gran Vía with Montera) and Avelino Sala (Plaza de Callao), from February 13 to 26. 


Simultaneously in Las Rozas Village, from February and in a gradual way, seven artists will intervene the storefronts and boulevards with floral, textile, digital, ceramic and mural installations, writing a new chapter of Art meets Fashion that reinforces its support for art and talent, and that can be seen throughout the spring.


Key points of the route:

1. Gran Vía with Alcalá Yann Leto
2. Gran Vía with Montera Albert Pinya
3. Callao Square Avelino Sala


Discover the whole programme here


About Las Rozas Village


With its reputation for exquisite craftsmanship, refined over the years using only the finest materials and traditional techniques, Madrid lends its famous sense of excellence to the beautiful surroundings of Las Rozas Village, located at the foot of the sierra and just over half an hour from the capital. The exclusive and luxurious shopping experience includes more than 100 boutiques lining wide, open-air pedestrian boulevards, with discounts of up to 60% off the original recommended price on a selection of national and international brands, seven days a week, all year round.

Its architecture reflects a mix of international styles and offers refuge from the heat; shopping is combined with relaxing on terraces surrounded by greenery, tasting a gastronomy of local and international flavors, and enjoying the best sunset in Madrid. With five-star hospitality and personalized services, the Village is the best destination for a unique experience.


Thanks also to the collaboration with Madrid Capital de Moda & Todo está en Madrid