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UVNT Art Fair X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE unite in this edition for art by opening together a free way for artistic expression with the Public Art Program. A way to break the walls of the fair drawing a new axis of art that goes from the center of the capital to the Village.

Madrid's Gran Vía hosted in different locations the sculptures of artists Yann Leto (Gran Vía with Alcalá), Albert Pinya (Gran Vía with Montera) and Avelino Sala (Plaza de Callao), from February 13 to 26. 


Simultaneously in Las Rozas Village, since February and in a scaled manner, seven artists have intervened the facades and boulevards with floral, textile, digital, ceramic and mural installations, writing a new chapter of Art meets Fashion that reinforces its support for art and talent, and that can be seen until early summer.

The selection of artists who have intervened this year Las Rozas Village, transforming it during these months into an outdoor art gallery, are: AkaCorleone, Cachetejack, Casa Antillón, Gema Polanco, Kokon by Ma Eugenia Diego, Paula Valdeón and Pau Jiménez (Urticae). UVNT Art Fair and Las Rozas Village join forces for the second consecutive year to strengthen their commitment to New Contemporary Art. On this occasion, UVNT ART FAIR X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE has drawn, during the month of February, a new axis of art from the center of Madrid to Las Rozas Village, reinforcing its commitment to create a Public Art Program.