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Creating a new art hotspot beyond the city center, UVNT Art Fair joins Las Rozas Village to curate the latest artistic initiative to support talent, transforming the Village into an open-air art gallery to showcase New Contemporary Art through murals and installations.

UVNT x Las Rozas Village is a project that reinforces the constant support of Las Rozas Village and The Bicester Village Shopping Collection to art, talent and creativity, creating scenarios and environments where emerging talent can develop their work as part of their creative evolution. This initiative, in addition, writes a new chapter of Art meets Fashion, a project created five years ago by Las Rozas Village whose objective is to generate a constant dialogue between two disciplines that feed each other: art and fashion.

Through 10 artists, selected by UVNT, Las Rozas Village is transformed into a place where fashion and art generate a dialogue around creation. Under the slogan #ArtMeetsFashion, the participating artists will create a work of art especially for their interaction with a very specific space, such as some facades of the different buildings that make up the Village, the walls that delimit the spaces, the boulevards around which the boutiques are articulated or some architectural elements such as porches or access areas.

The selection of artists, made up of Abel Iglesias, Andrés Izquierdo, Ampparito, Arquicostura, Flor Motion, Juay, Lola Zoido, Margalef, Nicolás Villamiza and Rosh333, will gradually intervene the Village. The project started in February, with the creations of Ampparito, Flor Motion, Lola Zoido, Margalef and Rosh 33, and this open-air gallery will be adding works in the following weeks, until June, drawing a new art axis in the Community of Madrid.