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"1000% Be@arbrick Giger Black & White" Toy

1,390 €

  • 1000% Be@rbrick - H.R Giger Black & white
  • Designer:  H.R Giger
  • Limited Edition.
  • Medium: PVC Plastic.
  • Measures: 70 cm.
  • Year: 2021.

H.R. Giger’s intricately drawn motifs of futuristic depictions of mechanical space-age objects cover this BE@RBRICK from head to toe. Tiny gears like discs, pistons, nails, spikes, chains, and other trinkets have been strung together to display a complex assembly of a robot. The silhouette’s head features a mechanical face with details like curved eyes, a wired nose, and sharp teeth. There’s an enigmatic system seen at the center of the body, while the legs sport spring-like mechanisms.