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Eggie Vinyl Toy

110 €

  • Limited Edition of 100 Units.
  • Medium: Silky Vinyl.
  • Measures: 13 cm.

This is where it all began. The original color vinyl version of Eggie. So round and lovely! 5″ of blue cuteness that can be yours!

But wait… don’t you know who Eggie is? Well, this is because his identity is a mystery. We are not sure who or what is under his mask, but what we now is that he is not alone. He is working for someone, an entity moving the threads behind the curtains. Yet this creature has not shown himself.

Eggie is the first creation in a series of Designer Toys based on a fantasy world where the habitants suffer the constant pressure of the rapid conquest of an alien civilization. The question is: who or what is Eggie? Is he a conqueror or is he conquered? What are his intentions? Does he work alone?