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Haroshi, the skateboard sculptor

March 25, 2021

Japanese artist Haroshi creates unique hand-carved wooden pieces from various used skateboards glued together. Haroshi’s studio located in the center of Tokyo, is a very curious place, we could say it is a skateboard junkyard, it is full of hundreds of skateboards (ready to be recycled), tools and machinery with which Haroshi has created a… Read more » Continue reading

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‘Stagnant Stories’ by Martín Kazanietz

Feb. 12, 2021

Martín Kazanietz revisits the mobile photo gallery aesthetics to transfer it into his paintings. The installation at the Institut Français in Madrid by La Causa Galería allows us to move forward in the presented works as if it was a real Instagram stories reel.   Martin Kazanietz, also known as Gordopelota, comes to work his studio work… Read more » Continue reading

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